Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The persuit of deliciousness.

Ok, so ive officially decided to make this about my misadventures with cooking.
You know you've seen pics showing recipes on forums and images boards.
And you know you've wanted to try them.
Ive set out to attempt them.

So, recently i tried white choc rainbow brownies.
Yeah, it looks something like that.

And i got to say, it was delicious
.Though i didnt make it rainbow coloured,
i DID add half a cup of macadamias

I, however, used too wide a pan, and well, it turned out quite flat.
Like, really flat. Flatsvill.
If you know anything about brownies, you'd know they're meant to be kinda thick.
But, that being said, it was still delicious, and I'm definitely going to be trying them again.
You should to!

And just tonight, i went and tried another thing that caught my eye:
Now, im rather partial to a chai latte.
One of my best mates works at a coffee shop, and he tends to hook me up.
But, since he doesn't live here, I've had to make my own.
Now, this one smelt great.
And it went a nice rich cinnamon-y colour.
But it didn't go "thick and soupy" as described there.
I think it may be because i didn't heat the water up enough to start off with,
nor did i keep it hot enough through out the process.
After an hour of standing there stiring, i decided to just give up for now.
Not being one to put something to waste however, i did mix it with milk.
And it was great. Though not quite how the recipy describes it.
I may attempt this again in the near future. If just to get the mix syrupy for later use.

So it turns out, that on standing it thickened up a bit.
There was a decent amount of liquid sitting on top, but underneath it was nice and thick.
Which leads me to believe that i wasn't too far from getting it right.

Well, that about sums up my experiments in the kitchen this week.
Tune in next week to see me attempt to make something else tasty.
I may even include pictures of me in action!

Till then, so long.


  1. have you ever tried kava kava tea? its great and actually works to relieve stress~~

  2. nice, i really got to try this

  3. kava kava, cant say ive ever herd of that before.
    Will have to give a look.
    Thanks for the comment!