Thursday, 2 September 2010

Garnering culinary skills

So the past couple of weeks ive gotten really into trawling
through forums for threads containing interesting things to try.
Life hack threads if you will.
And in every thread, always, a recipe will pop up.
Some of them look delicious, some of them look foul.
But me and a friend have set out to try these, and lot of the other things suggested.

Our first little adventure was a horrific experiment in bachelor living.
A log like substance known as 'Monfungu'
It consists of 2 minute noodles (ramen for those outside Aus) with slimjims cutup through it,
which is rolled up in a dough made of dorretoes and saladas (saltines)
It didnt work as intended and was pretty bad.

Then, whilst that craziness was going on,
i was trying this thing called a chicken crunch wrap.
Basically, you get some big ass flour tortillas and some small corn ones.
Then you fry up some chicken, and put it on the big tortilla with cheese,
then pile on the corn tortilla, and some tomato, lettuce and more cheese.
Wrap and grill in a sandwich press.

That was about a week or two ago now.
Today i'll be trying some Rainbow White Choc Brownies.
Thinking i might cut the rainbow bit and add macadamias.
We'll see how it goes and then i'll come back with results.

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